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I including many other westmounters have been deprived of the enless benefits of the Westount Observatory and Greenhouse since September 2015! 

I myself felt an increasing negative effects of the lack of greens and colors on my mood during the last greyyish winters without our beautiful Greenhouse!
Résultats de recherche d'images pour « shahrzad vous raconte la vie, Westmount greenhouse »I love seasons including winters and always enjoy them! Nobody can hear me complaining about winter  but I recently realized why the effect of grey skies were so important on the moods around me!!!  
Before closing the Greenhouse in September 2015, I used to spend at least a few hours per week at the Greenhouse! Many of my poetries, writings and photographs have been done in the greenhouse after some joyful meditative moments of inspirations! Since it is closed for almost 4 years, I could not have been able to replace the benefits of the moments at the Greenhouse!

I have no idea why it takes so much time to do it!
I cherched on google and found many other Greenhouses/Observatories in this world which are doing well! Why the municipality cannot check with them who is doing the maintenance and construction of these heritage ones!
I hope what my research will open some doors to find the right people to rebuilt our Greenhouse!

Shahrzad Ghaffari

Here a few posts of my blog with photos of the Greenhouse:

Résultats de recherche d'images pour « shahrzad vous raconte la vie, Westmount greenhouse »
PHOTO: Shahrzad Ghaffari, Westmount Greenhouse/Oservatory

Meeting people, witnessing the happy moments of the kids watching the golden fishes, seniors smiles and the facilities of socialisation while enjoying the sun and the warmth of the colors of the flowers had been enhancing our senses protecting us from the negative effects of the greyyish sky! The positive effects of the Greenhouse on the moods and humour of Westmounters and visitors motivated all to go out and get there for resourcing, connecting to life, investing in healthy body, mind and humour!

I personnally am absolutely positive about the beneficial effects of the Greenhouse thanks to the beautiful work of its team...!


Historic conservatory and greenhouse closed in September 2015 after glass pane fell from structure, here what was promissed in 2018, we are in spring 2019!!! 


Architecture aspect, heritage aspect, well-being aspect, ecological aspect, humour aspect...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Sometimes, it comes to mind that the time of creation and wellness become virtual, too! This is not a trend, it is simply healthy! Meanwhile, before we become all of us virtual beings, we need to escape from the stress of the winter and let the artists of nature make us dream and travel for nothing to realm of wellness !

Evelyn Reid
No matter what time of year you are visiting the city of Montreal, if you're a fan of lush nature, you'll want to check out the Westmount Conservatory and Greenhouses. Westmount's greenhouses offer an oasis in the middle of Montreal, complete with a banana tree, orchids, deep purple hyacinths, a fountain, and even a shallow, audible waterfall. When open, the Conservatory is completely free to the public, offering the perfect floral antidote to Montreal's harsh winters and the hustle and bustle of the city's summers.
While you wait for this beautiful nature preserve to open back up, explore the following images and slides to learn more about the greenhouses' history, location, and restoration efforts.

One Lodge Street
Asheville, NC 28803

Conservatory conservatory1 850x563

In the heart of Biltmore’s Walled Garden is an architectural treasure, almost as beautiful as Biltmore House. The Conservatory, designed by Biltmore House architect Richard Morris Hunt, was built to provide Biltmore House and the gardens with flowers and tender bedding plants. Today, more than a century later, it still fulfills that role.
Carefully placed at the lower end of the garden, so as not to obstruct the view from Biltmore House, the Conservatory consists of four main rooms. The central room is a “Palm House,” which contains a large collection of palms, ferns and other foliage plants. The annexes include a cool house, hot house and orchid house. The total heated space under glass in the Conservatory is over 7,000 square feet, making the structure an exotic escape in cooler months.
The Conservatory was originally heated using a system that forced hot water through cast iron pipes placed under the plant benches. The hot water was heated by a coal-fired furnace and boiler in the basement. Ventilation and cooling was controlled using side and roof vents that were opened and closed manually using hand-turned cranks or chain pulleys. More than century later, these vents are still in use.
When construction on the Conservatory was complete, George Vanderbilt and Frederick Law Olmsted created a list of plants that were suitable and desirable for the estate’s plant collection. The list included palms, ferns, orchids, azaleas, roses and violets.
When Vanderbilt married Edith Stuyvesant Dresser and brought her to the estate in 1898, the Conservatory allowed Edith to indulge her passion for plants. Estate records show that she was especially fond of carnations, chrysanthemums, roses and sweet peas. The plant collection in the Conservatory expanded to include her favorite plants, with special orders placed to growers stateside and in Paris.
During Vanderbilt’s lifetime, the Conservatory began providing plants and flowers to All Souls church in Biltmore Village. The tradition started in 1897 with a gift of palms for Palm Sunday and continued with flowers on holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The tradition still continues today as a sign of Vanderbilt’s lasting legacy.

About Biltmore
Located in Asheville, North Carolina, Biltmore was the vision of George W. Vanderbilt.  Designed by Richard Morris Hunt, America’s largest home is a 250-room French Renaissance chateau, exhibiting the Vanderbilt family’s original collection of furnishings, art and antiques.  Biltmore estate encompasses more than 8,000 acres including renowned gardens designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the father of American landscape architecture.  Today, Biltmore has grown to include Antler Hill Village, which features the award-winning Winery and Antler Hill Farm; the four-star Inn on Biltmore Estate; Equestrian Center; numerous restaurants; event and meeting venues;  and Biltmore For Your Home, the company’s licensed products division.  To learn more about Biltmore, or book a visit to Biltmore, go to or call 877-BILTMORE

Dome-shaped glass building
The Enid A. Haupt Conservatory is a greenhouse in the BronxNew York, United States, a major part of the New York Botanical Garden (NYBG). Inspiration for the park and the conservatory stemmed from Nathaniel Lord Britton and his wife Elizabeth. The couple had visited the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew on their honeymoon and thought a similar park and conservatory should be built for New York City.[1] The NYBG and the Conservatory were the result.
The conservatory was designed by the major greenhouse company of the time, Lord and Burnham Co. The design was modeled after the Palm House at the Royal Botanic Garden and Joseph Paxton's Crystal Palace in Italian Renaissance style.[1] Groundbreaking took place on January 3, 1899 and construction was completed in 1902 at a cost of $177,000.[1] The building was constructed by John R. Sheehan under contract for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.[2] Since the original construction, major renovations took place in 1935, 1950, 1978, and 1993.[1]
By the 1970s, the building was in a state of extreme disrepair and had to be either substantially rebuilt or torn down. Enid Annenberg Haupt saved the conservatory from demolition with a $5 million contribution for renovation and a $5 million endowment for maintenance of the building. A subsequent renovation, which started in 1978, restored the conservatory closer to its original design, which had been compromised during the 1935 and 1950 renovations.[3] Due to her generous contributions, the Conservatory was named the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory in 1978.[4]
The 1993 renovation replaced the inner workings of the conservatory. At this time, the mechanical systems to control temperature, humidity, and ventilation were upgraded to computerized systems. The exhibits were also redesigned.[5] The conservatory serves as a focal point of the park and a center for education. It is a New York City landmark.

he Most Beautiful Greenhouses Around the World

People have been trying to outsmart the seasons by growing plants in controlled environments since the Roman Empire. As methods grew more sophisticated and successful, the structures also became more elaborate and took pride of place on the estates of royalty and nobility, such as the l’Orangerie at the Château de Versailles. The greenhouse as we know it today, an often ornate glass and iron building, became more common during the 19th century as materials became more accessible. Striking examples are now found around the world, from classic Victorian-style conservatories in London to sleek and modern greenhouses in Australia. We’ve rounded up must-see greenhouses for architecture and gardening fans alike.
Composed of 45000 sheets of glass the Palm House at Schnbrunn Palace Park in Vienna takes the cake as the largest glass...
Photo: Courtesy of Federal Gardens


Composed of 45,000 sheets of glass, the Palm House at Schönbrunn Palace Park in Vienna takes the cake as the largest glass house in continental Europe. Devised by designer Franz von Segenschmid and constructed by metalworker Ignaz Gridl in the 1880s, it is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.**

The angular glass faade of the Tropicarium at Frankfurts Botanical Garden reflects waterlilies in the nearby pond.
Photo: CNP Collection/Alamy
Photo: Courtesy of RGB Kew
Photo: Jens Astrup

Monday, 1 April 2019

Sunny Savage, the 7th day, to the Light and your memory forever in Peace!

My dear friend Sunny Cynthia Savage!

The last days were quite rich and meditative for the three of us. You know I try to find answers to many things and create a positive situation from a negative! The intensity and the reality of the situation could not let any creativity except taking the action in being present because there was no later left in this world with you!

One year of hard time for you, many years of contemplation with life, your heart, through arts and your intensive generous being you were!
I did my best to have my ears and my empathy for you! Last year, I was quite creative to help the negative to become positive and we worked on them a lot, as many time and as many hours needed!
But, finally you ended up at hospital for some exams and stayed ther, still some hope and in the hope I could feel dispair results of conditions! I had a hard time to create more of hope and encouragement to go on and fight because the reality showed up and you the wise intelligent one, started to take things in your hands and getting power of being clear at least about life and death!
I knew that my maturity in this field was low and already had a hard time to deal with only the word death!
You realized how seine you were and how you wanted to be more and more in order to bring only light to you before you leave!
You succeeded!

My dear friend, we went back and forth about many things that I forgot already when you left! But something very important that makes me cry quite often now is that two days before you leave, I was working whole day and when I left I was just very tired and we werte invited somewhere and I wanted to buy something, go home and ...! I knew you wanted to see me and less time was left! I stopped on Sherbrooke and Guy and called you:
'Hi Sunny, do you want me to come and see you?'
'Shahrzad tell me what you want to do?, Do you want to come now or you want to come another time?'
A silence, no reply from my side, how amazing Sunny you were, you told me,'Shahrzad, I want you to come when you want and can come. Can you come tomorrow?'
How much sometimes some words become the most relieving words!
'Yes, I will be very happy to come tomorrow morning, I am...'
'No matter my dear friend, you come tomorrow and I am fine!'
When I hanged off the phone, I could not stop crying, I cried and I cried and I cried! I am still crying! How someone can be like her to tell me Shahrzad I am fine! And, still needs someone besides her in these last moments. 
My dear friend, I woke up at 6:30 A.M. and wrote a message to you that I did not sent to you! Meanwhile, I called you around 8:30 A.M because I had other commitments for the day and I prefered to come to see you first. 
You hanged on and said,'Oh, Shahrzad, I just woke up and I have not had my coffee and cigarette yet! Where are you?"
'I can come in 15 to 30 minutes'.
'So, let me change and we will have a coffee together!'
I arrive and you are outside waiting for me with your coffee. You bring me inside your arm hanging to my arms and say,'I am sorry Shahrzad that I did not answer properly, I just woke up when you called!'
'I am sorry Sunny, I did not know at what time you woke up!'
'I need to be grounded and for that I should smoke a cigarette, do you mind Shahrzad if I go out and smoke a cigarette?'

'Oh, no not at all my dear friend, do you want me to come with you?'
'No, you sit down here and enjoy your hot chocolate and I will be back grounded!'
'Actually, I will do some meditation also to be grounded as it seems that my energy is too much in the air!"

You came back and we talked, I had prepared a few symbolique gifts for you in a little boxe and we saw them, you liked them! I did not tell you what I did in the morning! I thought two of your friends would have been with you if they could be there. One of them had given me a small Budhha (as your doctor had told you that he was sure you were a little Budhha when you were a little girl) that I added to the box + the other friends had offered my a little monkey because I am a little monkey and the monkey had a green châle around its neck. I took it and put it in the small boxe. I also took a part of the bark of the willow tree that you liked (I had brought with me some when the municipality was removing the pieces of the fallen lovers's willow tree. I told you that we could go to the temple at hospital and we went! Then, you wanted to give me a gift that you had bought for me! You gave it to me, a beautiful one! Then, Kate came and we talked, you read a few things for us and then asked to bring you down. We went to the cafeteria and you said that I could burn one of the incents that I had brought for you. You started to say that you had the serenity but still some traces of anger that you wanted to let go to leave in most peaceful mind possible. We talked while the incent was bruning and it seemed that the anger shifted to the universal mind ecosystem to be recycled and you seemed very much peaceful! We took a picture of the three of us. Kate left and I was with you. Somehow I was reading your mind through you kind look to me!
'Shahrzad, I want to say good bye me dear friend to you today.'
'Shahrzad, Kate will be with me because she is very grounded and she can very well handel it. Please, do not be upset about it. I have my super doctor to whom I said to put on something happy and a few people I have known here!"
You read again my mind and said,
'Let's say good bye but see tomorrow what you feel like, follow your heart, but please, Shahrzad  if you decide to come, please come 30 minutes earlier because these moments will be very important for me and should be peaceful...!'

I said goodbye to you my dear friend and looked at you sitting down in that windy weather of end of March with your red canadian jacket with feathers that looked so good on you for a few minutes and left with a heart full of questions and a few sighs. A question kept running in my head whole day and night and next day,'She was right about Kate, should I go or not!'. 'Sunny told me not to go because she knew it might be hard for me but isn't it happening in order for me to face the reality of death? Didn't she need me?"
I left home around 11 to buy something for my mother. I was on Greene Ave. not far and stayed for sometimes in the car feeling like a weathercock showing the direction of heart ...
Finally I turned on the car and drove and found myself in the parking of the cherch, walking toward the chesnut tree, hanging the 3 hearts there, and sending this photo to you and getting a few loves from you at 1:00 P.M  (which showed you were still conscious) then walking in the snow and glace toward the lovers's willow and hanged the hearts there, walking through the path, bringing out the beautiful crystal chime and the tibetain thanka putting them on a bench while the sun reminded my of you Sunny and the blue blue sky of your shining blue blue eyes...
I made the chime ring and ring and ring...
We were the only ones in the park!
I understood why you told me follow my heart because we met there!
To the light with joy and serenity for the peace!

Kate had kindly accepted to do your will and bring your sands where you had asked for!
My sister and niece had organize a trip for me because they knew I really needed it. So, I was in the plain when Kate did this for you. 
My sister's surprise surprised me because later I figured out that she brought me somewhere that the gardens had been designed by the same landescaper than the park I went and the park Kate spread your ashes! Amazing!
They were so kind and we talked about you and they brought me to Athlantique occean that I knew you loved so much and we wrote your name on the sands. Then, I wanted it to be closer to the water to be taken by your occean! When they were having a knap, I rewrote your name and made the sign of Yin & Yang with the little shells and the sand!
There was a feather I added it to your name as a symbole of freedom and I started to film. I filmed a few times until the occeason brought your name into its heart! Suddenly the wind brought a white tissue where your name was washed by the occean into its heart. I took it and hanged it on the top of the stick with which I had written your name and drew the sign of Yin & Yang.
This was sent to me as the sign of PEACE!
Yes my dear friend you are PEACE! 

I saw after the beautiful ritual these fun ladies above your name having fun. I went to them and asked them to make heart for you my dear friend. You see my dear one, this is life with its beautiful surprises, it just happens that the right people are where they should be that something special happens!

These hearts are for you Sunny from the ladies who are heart people, whose laughters could be heard by the occeans! 
Yes, generous like yourself!

Living Serenity, Joy through Peace & Love...thanks unlimited to the chosen ones to celebrate Life through Love and Laugh

Shahrzad est enchantée de votre visite et vous invite à partager votre art de sagesse,...

Bonjour aux Artistes et Artisans de la vie!!! C'est un grand plaisir de partager avec vous ma passion de vivre l'équilibre en harmonie avec la liberté grâce à la comprehension de ma place et la place de l'autrui dans cette univers...
Alros, je vous remercie pour être vous, pour votre générosité et l'ouverture, joignons à cette foire aux merveilles avec nos oeurves crées par la Passion et Tendresse pour la VIE...

Manoir Ville Marie, ce Cocoon de Paix pour beaucoup de clients réguliers qui y offrent leurs présences authentiques!!! Alors, dormir au Manoir Ville Marie est une expérience à la fois paisible et intéressante.

Participez au tirage d'un Certificat de Cadeau d'une nuit pour deux au Manoir Ville Marie':

Tous les deux mois, il vas avoir un tirage (le premier étant le pre,mier septembre 2011) et le nom du gagnant serait annoncé. sur ce weblog

*Racontez-moi un poème, une petite histoire de sagesse de maximum 500 mots, ou une photo, une peinture...

Je remerci mon très cher fils, Sépandat Stéphane (qui a le regardl très profond sur l'univers et ses êtres) pour m'avoir encourager (plutôt forcé) de faire ce blog en rapport avec mes amis Manoir Ville Marie.

Je remerci mon très cher fils, Maziar Marc (qui a le regard minutieux sur ll'univers et ses êtres) pour m'a aidé (plutôt forcer) d'avoir le courage d'apprendre comment faire ce weblog, toujours disponible pour sa mère, Maziar est un excellent guide et proffesseur.

Enfin, je remerci mon cher mari et compagnon de vie, Bahram Bernard pour m'encourage d'essayer de faire court et simple!!!

A cette étape de ma vie, je crois que la fiérté de l'être humain est dans sa Compréhension de l' cette Compréhension nous guide vers la Conscience qui se manifeste souvent par les Arts, La Créativiyé ou nos Actions. Où La Paix est présente, elle y est présente également.

. Les textes et photos publiés sur ce blog sont mes propres créations et comme tous les arts peuvent être naîfs maintenant et plus mature plutard!!! Vous allez avoir une part précieux dans mon évolution artistique par vos commentaires.

. Je jongle entre trois langues, alors, pardonnez mes erreurs et si vous souhaitez apporter des corrections, j'en serais ravie (envoyez-moi vos corrections et je les appliquerez) et je vous en serrais très reconnaissante.

... Au fur et à mesure que vous allez me connaitre à travers mon regard sur la VIE, l'univers et le monde..

Je vous aime et j'ai hâte de vous décourvir par votre ART...


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