Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Présentation de mon amie Artiste Kitty Holley

Kitty Holley,

Meeting an artist / video by Anne Burgeot - march 2001, 

“Kitty Holley lives and works in Paris. She has anchored herself in the art world by stroke of a dynamic brush and use of tonic colors. From lines to curves, from spirals to vertigos, her inspiration comes from her contradictions. Between chaos and harmony, with organization yet in full liberty, she expresses the impulse of her life.
KH. “It erupts in a way  thatis both spontaneous and controlled. There is an evident progressive organization of space. One line calls another. There is a sort of mental organization. I believe that one must trust one’s intuition. All of my work concerning the subconscious and intuition is characteristic of what I do. There is this force within us that is extraordinary. It makes me think about the movement of Tai Chi, where there are movement that leaves in one sense and return in another. There is a kind of balance. It flows from a source, much like life.
When man needed to communicate with the gods, they danced and played music. It was a way for them to enter a second state of being. There is no efficiency in dance; there is a pleasure, an excitement which trascend’s the state of normality.
I began by taking classes of  Bharatha Nathyam, a type of  Indian Dance. I went to Japan, stayed in Zen monasteries I experienced “the body limit”, meaning the body in meditation.”
“Is dancing a way to fill a void? To silence a scream? It’s the fast stars in slow motion”
Rainer Maria Rilke
KH. “There is me  and the vertigo. But the vertigo is a part of me. It’s an awareness of this void. The entires series about the vertigo is a blank page. Actually, what is the blank page? It is equally the blank page of the writer, the blank canvas of the painter, the blank score of the composer. It si the kind of void inside the creator, the moment when he launches himself into the work, to leave his personnal mark.”
Kitty Holley comes from a family rich in strong  personalities. From her  father’s side, her grandmother, Germaine Holley, was a great astrologer. Her father Michel Holley, managed one of largest architecture firms in Paris from the 50s to the 90S. Renowned architect, he contribued to the urban rebuilding of Paris after the World War. It’s from the maternal side that we find a stronger artistic tradition. Emma Trasenster, her grandmother, was a dedicated pianist, and her mother Francine Holley, is a painter whose masters are Fernand Leger and Jean Dewasne
KH. “ When  I was  a child, I was lucky enough to meet exceptionnal artists keeping company in the studio I  lived: Cesar, Robert Jacobsen, Soto, Brassai, Dewasne and Pillet.
A fouth generation of women artist is being born with Alice Kitty’daughter. After having studied at Fine Arts, she devoted herself to film-making; All three of Kitty’children benefit from the family heritage. Alexandre is an architect an Nicolas a music composer.
KH. “For the moment, I’m reading a lot of works about the sound and the visual, The relationship between music and painting. In music, I’m intrigued by John Cage an in choreography by Merce Cunningham, with whom I worked in New York in 98.
Nicolas de Stael and Pollock are artists which fascinate me. They often have tragic destinies. I think they approach deep truths
Her astrologer grandmother  Germaine Holley would often said: “ The double spiral represents the descent of the sky upon the earth, and the rise of being toward the sky, as a perpetual movement that exists in each of us.”
From sky to earth, from interior to exterior, Kitty Holley opens the doors of a sensitive setting in imagination as well as in reality.
Kitty Holley is leaving her mark in different media: on paper, on canvas, on walls, on plates, on carpet and even on stage. Vincent Guzman, a contemporary painter remarked “ This calm vivacity is an allegory of love living.”

Friday, 17 February 2012

Happy Anniversary Ghazal & Kiafar

Colors and the Grace of love in the delicate but resistant flowers & French Bakery specially ordered for you the happy lovers, happy anniversary Ghazal joon and Kiafar joon ...
Lots of other anniversaries in joy and harmony...
See you soon here...and always in our heart....
Shazi, Bahram, Sepi & Mazi...

Photo:Shahrzad Ghaffari

 La revanche des pâtissiers : une bouchée de pâtisserie française le 20 décembre à 20h35 sur France 5
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Thursday, 16 February 2012


Photos: Shahrzad Ghaffari

Painting by Francis B. Goldberg, Suite 206-207, Manoir Ville, Marie photo: Shahrzad Ghaffari

Salle de réception-Réunion
Lieu de rassemblemant familiale, artistique, confort, harmonie, bien-être et joie...

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Joyeux St-Valentin -Happy Valentine to all my Heart

Joyeux St-Valentin / Happy Valentine
A moi, mon compagnon de vie, nos fils, nos familles, nos amis du Coeur...

To me, my dear life compagnon, our two sons, our families, our friends by 
Heart ... 

Heart on the Windowof Westmout Fleurist, Victori Village, Westmount
Photo: Shahrzad  Ghaffari,. 14 FEB  2012

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Dear Bruce,
Master of Creativity,
Happy Birthday today, tomorrow and every moment...
As promissed, here what I learned from you and applying every moment:
 Text to follow later....
Chuuuuuuuut listen to the dialog:

Dialog of transparency, Art Photo: Shahrzad Ghaffari, FEB.2012

Tell me drop how did you get here?
You tell me drop how you did get here?

'I ignor how I got here'
'I ignor how I got here, too!

It is freezing, do you feel cold?
It is freezing, what about you, do you feel cold?

I am confused, did you ask if I was cold?
I am also confused, did you ask if I was cold?

Well, it seems that you are frozen!
Well,  it seems that you are also frozen!

Who cares, frozen or hot, I am water!,
Who cares, frozen or hot, I am water, too!

Let's wait until sun shines and I will drop down,
Let's wait until sun shines and I will drop down, 

You repeat what I say, tell me who are you?
I suppose I am You, or You are Me!

Art has its own Nature, is like water, can split, can steam, can freeze, lives and gives life...becomes clouds, rain, Snow flakes, Ice, melts...creates rainbows under the first contact with the Sun, ...
and the Ultimate Necessity for Life...
Amazing, what is the Humain without Art !?!
Shahrzad, FEB.11.2012

Deltra & Bruce's gift to Bruce, Photo: Shahrzad Ghaffari, FEB.2012

Another gift of Deltra and Bruce to Bruce, Photo: Shahrzad Ghaffari feb.11.2012

Cool, I am so cool, fun, special and elegant of course and every body loves me! Anna & Bruce are so proud of me!
Photo;Shahrzad Ghaffari, 11 FEB.2012

Photos with Bert who was amazing during the birthday party, will be shown on the facebook of Anna and Bruce

Shahrzad est enchantée de votre visite et vous invite à partager votre art de sagesse,...

Bonjour aux Artistes et Artisans de la vie!!! C'est un grand plaisir de partager avec vous ma passion de vivre l'équilibre en harmonie avec la liberté grâce à la comprehension de ma place et la place de l'autrui dans cette univers...
Alros, je vous remercie pour être vous, pour votre générosité et l'ouverture, joignons à cette foire aux merveilles avec nos oeurves crées par la Passion et Tendresse pour la VIE...

Manoir Ville Marie, ce Cocoon de Paix pour beaucoup de clients réguliers qui y offrent leurs présences authentiques!!! Alors, dormir au Manoir Ville Marie est une expérience à la fois paisible et intéressante.

Participez au tirage d'un Certificat de Cadeau d'une nuit pour deux au Manoir Ville Marie':

Tous les deux mois, il vas avoir un tirage (le premier étant le pre,mier septembre 2011) et le nom du gagnant serait annoncé. sur ce weblog

*Racontez-moi un poème, une petite histoire de sagesse de maximum 500 mots, ou une photo, une peinture...

Je remerci mon très cher fils, Sépandat Stéphane (qui a le regardl très profond sur l'univers et ses êtres) pour m'avoir encourager (plutôt forcé) de faire ce blog en rapport avec mes amis Manoir Ville Marie.

Je remerci mon très cher fils, Maziar Marc (qui a le regard minutieux sur ll'univers et ses êtres) pour m'a aidé (plutôt forcer) d'avoir le courage d'apprendre comment faire ce weblog, toujours disponible pour sa mère, Maziar est un excellent guide et proffesseur.

Enfin, je remerci mon cher mari et compagnon de vie, Bahram Bernard pour m'encourage d'essayer de faire court et simple!!!

A cette étape de ma vie, je crois que la fiérté de l'être humain est dans sa Compréhension de l' cette Compréhension nous guide vers la Conscience qui se manifeste souvent par les Arts, La Créativiyé ou nos Actions. Où La Paix est présente, elle y est présente également.

. Les textes et photos publiés sur ce blog sont mes propres créations et comme tous les arts peuvent être naîfs maintenant et plus mature plutard!!! Vous allez avoir une part précieux dans mon évolution artistique par vos commentaires.

. Je jongle entre trois langues, alors, pardonnez mes erreurs et si vous souhaitez apporter des corrections, j'en serais ravie (envoyez-moi vos corrections et je les appliquerez) et je vous en serrais très reconnaissante.

... Au fur et à mesure que vous allez me connaitre à travers mon regard sur la VIE, l'univers et le monde..

Je vous aime et j'ai hâte de vous décourvir par votre ART...


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J'ai toujours été ravie de mon prénom Shahrzad شهرزاد qui avait été choisi par ma chère mére, un être exceptionnel que j'appelle madar en persan. Quand j'ai appris que Shahrzad voulait dire:'Caractère Libre', j'ai sourri...quand j'ai lu l'histoire de Shahrzad, j'ai encore, quand j'ai appris que Shahrzad était dans la Perse antique la déesse de l'apprentissage (ou quelque chose similaire,à confirmer), j'ai me suis demandée comment ma mère savait que ce prénom allait tellement bien à sa fille Shahrzad!