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Damavand College

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Damavand College class ring, 1975
Damavand College (in Persianمدرسه عالی دماوند‎ Madreseh-ye Ālī-ye Damāvand; later, دانشکده دماوند Dāneshkadeh-ye Damāvand) was a private institution of higher learning for women and in 1974 it became a public college, offering a four-year interculturalprogram in the liberal arts from 1968 to 1979 with the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education of Iran in Tehran. It was a Missionary American institute and the first class was consisting of 62 seniors graduated in 1972 while in 1978 it was increased to 162 graduates.
In 1977-78, the college had over 800 Iranian and international students. According to Dr. Forough Jahanbakhsh, a graduate of 1980, it was one of the last educational centers that closed down preceding the Feb. 1979 Islamic Iranian Revolution. She thinks, it was after the Cultural Revolution that Damavand was amalgamated into what is now Allameh Tabatabai University. The collection of the books are now available at Central Library and the Documentation Center of Allameh Tabatabai University.[1] All classes were taught in English from the Freshman year on, except those on Iranian culture.[2]


Name: Damavand College
Location: Tehran , Iran
Architecture Firm: Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation [→]
Architects: William Wesley Peters in collaboration with Nezam AmeriKamal KamoonehHormozdyar Khosravi
Date: 1974 -1975
Type: Educational
Until 1974-75, The College was located in the center of Tehran at 13 Kucheh Diba, Char Rah sayed Ali, below the intersection of Manouchehri and Saadi Avenues. During the academic year of 1975-76 the college moved to its new campus, East of Niavaran, Lashgark road. The total campus plan drawn by the Frank Lloyd Wright Associated Architects, William Wesley Peters with its typical rich blending of the building materials and the design blending with the local physical environment. Associated Architecture called for the addition of a student center; gymnasium, athletic fields and residence halls. Peters also designed the Pearl Palace in Iran, and the Kaden Tower in Louisville, Ky. It is noticeable to know that the main building of Marin County Civic Center, just North of San Francisco, was also designed by William Wesley Peters. It very much resembles Damavand College with its distinctive blue tiled roof.
Since 1988 the building is the location of the administrative office of Payame Noor University.

Monday, 15 October 2018


Someone special left us yesterday!
Someone who changed a lot the life of women somewhere in this world which is called Hamedan. Your mother, my aunt, the one who pushed us toward education, to think and get out of the routines of ignorance! You my dear aunt, Maliheh Ghaffari, one of the two major women of my life who were the most important and inspiring for me and for sure for many many other girls and women who became the mothers of many many boys, men, brothers, fathers, husbands...! Maliheh Ghaffari , one of the most independant, the rarest self-made women of Hamedan/ Iran who decided to say NON to sitation of iranian women and reached university degree on philosophy in Tehran while being a mother of two kids in Hamedan! Was it hard 70 years ago to do so, definitly, it was but her determination was stronger than anything else and the parents (our dear grand-parents) quite avant-gardist! Maliheh Ghaffari, became the director of Parvin Etesami High School with the largest number of students and offered later the evening classes for the illitrate women ...I was not only one of the students of this high school but also being her niece, I had a bigger responsibility as her expectations were from me to be a role-model for all the students! I never remembered her voice being loud or shouting on any one as obviousely her authority was in her firm attitude in regards to the education of the future women whom had been trusted to her...! So, her firm look and voice, could hide a natural hidden kindness which could be more felt in her actions prorising the justice! The most even sound of her walk in the corridors of Parvin Etesami High-school announced her arrival and all students kept silence by respect knowing she was coming! Today, after many years of trying to deal with situations to be able to find a balance between my heart and my reason, I understand how hard it had been to be Maliheh Ghaffari with the conviction for being a woman of reasonfor justive! Some tears of sorrow cannot avoid to run from my heart for not being able to see her in this world! I understand and entirly respect her sens of responsibility! One special day, something happened between us that I taught me and I learned that Reason had to have priority on emotions when/once you live in a society that EDUCTION is the most important priority for women as it is air and water to them! I decided from that day to concentrate more on my studings than on my artistic activities as this priority was engraved on the doors of my heart ,' Shahrzad, besides of your responsibility toward yourself, you are responsible to be a role-model to those who will follow you and education is the master key to the freedom of all future women of this country!' No choice left to me, I asked my heart to be patient and use my creativity to flow in the rivers of life and reach to its oceans to be able to be inspiring to the ones who did not have this choice! My dear aunt, despite of your requirements in discipline, I had been always able to feel the endless kindness of your heart! You treasured your mission while trusting your intuition...passing it on to those future women who had the chance to witness understanding and wisdom...! All your family, friends, all those who had the chance to know you, honor your life in time and espace you lived in and will share the seeds of wisdom that you spread to the next ones in the gardens of eternity! With many thanks to you my dear aunt, Mahiheh Ghaffari for being so close to me, to us and being the special ONE you made of yourself to make a big change for many many women! We love you very deepely and will always treasure your gifts in us! Join to the dear ones who had been eager to welcome you, join the eternity and let your beautiful emotions be freely expressed through free laughters...!

Shahrzad est enchantée de votre visite et vous invite à partager votre art de sagesse,...

Bonjour aux Artistes et Artisans de la vie!!! C'est un grand plaisir de partager avec vous ma passion de vivre l'équilibre en harmonie avec la liberté grâce à la comprehension de ma place et la place de l'autrui dans cette univers...
Alros, je vous remercie pour être vous, pour votre générosité et l'ouverture, joignons à cette foire aux merveilles avec nos oeurves crées par la Passion et Tendresse pour la VIE...

Manoir Ville Marie, ce Cocoon de Paix pour beaucoup de clients réguliers qui y offrent leurs présences authentiques!!! Alors, dormir au Manoir Ville Marie est une expérience à la fois paisible et intéressante.

Participez au tirage d'un Certificat de Cadeau d'une nuit pour deux au Manoir Ville Marie':

Tous les deux mois, il vas avoir un tirage (le premier étant le pre,mier septembre 2011) et le nom du gagnant serait annoncé. sur ce weblog

*Racontez-moi un poème, une petite histoire de sagesse de maximum 500 mots, ou une photo, une peinture...

Je remerci mon très cher fils, Sépandat Stéphane (qui a le regardl très profond sur l'univers et ses êtres) pour m'avoir encourager (plutôt forcé) de faire ce blog en rapport avec mes amis Manoir Ville Marie.

Je remerci mon très cher fils, Maziar Marc (qui a le regard minutieux sur ll'univers et ses êtres) pour m'a aidé (plutôt forcer) d'avoir le courage d'apprendre comment faire ce weblog, toujours disponible pour sa mère, Maziar est un excellent guide et proffesseur.

Enfin, je remerci mon cher mari et compagnon de vie, Bahram Bernard pour m'encourage d'essayer de faire court et simple!!!

A cette étape de ma vie, je crois que la fiérté de l'être humain est dans sa Compréhension de l'Univers...et cette Compréhension nous guide vers la Conscience qui se manifeste souvent par les Arts, La Créativiyé ou nos Actions. Où La Paix est présente, elle y est présente également.

. Les textes et photos publiés sur ce blog sont mes propres créations et comme tous les arts peuvent être naîfs maintenant et plus mature plutard!!! Vous allez avoir une part précieux dans mon évolution artistique par vos commentaires.

. Je jongle entre trois langues, alors, pardonnez mes erreurs et si vous souhaitez apporter des corrections, j'en serais ravie (envoyez-moi vos corrections et je les appliquerez) et je vous en serrais très reconnaissante.

... Au fur et à mesure que vous allez me connaitre à travers mon regard sur la VIE, l'univers et le monde..

Je vous aime et j'ai hâte de vous décourvir par votre ART...


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J'ai toujours été ravie de mon prénom Shahrzad شهرزاد qui avait été choisi par ma chère mére, un être exceptionnel que j'appelle madar en persan. Quand j'ai appris que Shahrzad voulait dire:'Caractère Libre', j'ai sourri...quand j'ai lu l'histoire de Shahrzad, j'ai encore sourri...et, quand j'ai appris que Shahrzad était dans la Perse antique la déesse de l'apprentissage (ou quelque chose similaire,à confirmer), j'ai me suis demandée comment ma mère savait que ce prénom allait tellement bien à sa fille Shahrzad!